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Anonymous asked: er this feels really awkward asking you but if you dont mind i would like to ask how you are able to draw the same person over and over with them looking like the same person because this is a problem i have and i cannot seem to get a person to look how i drew them last time or they dont even look relatively similar to the last drawing i have done of them and i am just ver ver in need of art help (sorta the opposite of same face syndrome)

I’m not necessarily a pro at consistency but I do understand that being able to capture a person’s likeness (fictional or real) is the trick for me.  When I design characters, I always try to give them slight uniqueness to their features so that I can rely on the little nuances to show some consistency (which you can see here).  

It’s like when you see a caricature of a face you know— you’re able to recognize them even though the face is super simplified or exaggerated.

Check out Loomis’ How to Draw the Head and Hands to get a look at how to construct a head and an understanding of how important the facial features are in relation to each other.

Anonymous asked: Holy cow your art has really changed

Anonymous asked: Have you done any fanart for michiko to hatchin?

Just this one from last January. I do plan to do MUCH more but all my focus is on the Annie Mei Project atm

Anonymous asked: can we see some of your old drawings before you started taking art seriously in 2011?

oho gosh, ok here’s something from 2008

bryce1350 replied to your post: Infinity Mei

I’ve no words to say how awesome/beautiful this is, so I guess I’ll ask a question. Is this outfit/form Annie Mei’s God-Mode or something? o.0

Thanks for sharing words regardless!  I do imagine something like that design being used for a final form as I did think for this one from very early on (on the right).  When I work on final designs, I’m sure it’ll resemble Infinty Mei a lot :D


Infinity Mei

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kittenmuffins01 asked: What would the morale of ASGAM be? (probably "believe in your self!")

actually  its “believe in the me that believes in you”

Anonymous asked: Not to be mean or anything, but your theme feels very clustered for me. Quite confusing to navigate and it's weird to keep track on what came out first. plus some texts on some post's run in other posts. D:

I’ve already noticed and have been wanting to change my theme for days now.  I just haven’t been on tumblr enough lately to do anything yet haha

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Anonymous asked: Are Tab and Annie mei in the same plane of existence? More importantly, is there any possibility for Annie and Hana to meet at some point in the future?

I ask myself these same questions all the time—

Anonymous asked: What IS tab?

TAB [or Backwards Bat] is my virtual band!

Anonymous asked: Is there any chance you have a link for that Korra/Tron audio for a download or am I just out of luck?

You can get it from my Bandcamp right here

Anonymous asked: I've read your FAQ but couldn't see this, can you please share which gimp brushes you use?

I use them all!  Well— except for the felt pen and pepper brush haha but Most of the standard brushes in GIMP are all I need.

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