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Came across this photo of Mescudi (for Complex) yesterday and thought how similar his pose was to this drawing of Annie Mei.
So naturally I ‘shopped him onto that background.

Annie Mei Project by dCTb
I wanted to do something bright, fun and colorful! What better way to go about that than a pink haired girl and blue skies? This image makes me really want to put together an artbook for the Annie Mei Project with finalized character designs and concept sketches…who would be interested in that?
Anonymous asked: can you manage on photoshop or how good are you on photoshop

Me on photoshop: 

Anonymous asked: Giveaway? Is there a link to it?

That had already ended (it was a giveaway for my watchers on deviantart.  If you’re not watching me there already, I’m dCTb

So these came in today.  One of these prints will be awarded to the giveaway winner as planned but since I couldn’t order just 1 print, there’ll be 9 that’ll just be sitting around until AnimeNEXT is over…NEXT MONTH.
So what I’ll be doing is selling off those left over 12x18” prints to the people who want them now at a special price!  I’ll announce when this print is available in my shop tomorrow so keep an eye out for it!  They’ll be numbered and signed and will be going for $25!
monroeshenanigans asked: First of all, I love both Annie Mei and Hannah. However, I am curious. Who would win a fistfight?

 HAHA ANNIE MEI would; no contest! [I’m not laughing at you btw]  The thought of this throwdown going down is hilarious cuz Hana would actually know her place if she can’t win in a fight so she wouldn’t even try tbh.  Annie is essentially a magical girl of sorts [but not really] so any normal person wouldn’t stand a chance

cents you missed your chance of going who’s “Hannah”

Aw man, I had several potential sarcastic replies and I picked the wrong one haha

Anonymous asked: Which twin is older May gunn orMegan?

Feel free to take a guess 

Anonymous asked: You are a cutie.

Anonymous asked: hey CT, do you watch The Boondocks by any chance?

I made it into the 2nd season I believe but stopped watching it before I could finish it even.

Anonymous asked: I miss Hannah :(

She didn’t go anywhere— all her pictures are still online

Anonymous asked: Could you do like a shading tutorial on sai?

Sai? I don’t know how to shade in that :)  I’m sure you can fine extremely useful tutorials by searching for it on Youtube or deviantArt.