Hey, I'm CT and this is my tumblr for original art, music and everything else! If you ever want to message me about anything, feel free to drop me an ask and if you have any questions, check my FAQ before asking!
Anonymous asked: Not to be mean or anything, but your theme feels very clustered for me. Quite confusing to navigate and it's weird to keep track on what came out first. plus some texts on some post's run in other posts. D:

I’ve already noticed and have been wanting to change my theme for days now.  I just haven’t been on tumblr enough lately to do anything yet haha

Sneak peek at the image done to celebrate 50k watchers on #deviantart. I’ll be announcing a giveaway on there so keep an eye out for that journal! #ctchrysler #AnnieMeiProject #AnnieMei
Anonymous asked: Are Tab and Annie mei in the same plane of existence? More importantly, is there any possibility for Annie and Hana to meet at some point in the future?

I ask myself these same questions all the time—

Anonymous asked: What IS tab?

TAB [or Backwards Bat] is my virtual band!

Anonymous asked: Is there any chance you have a link for that Korra/Tron audio for a download or am I just out of luck?

You can get it from my Bandcamp right here

Anonymous asked: I've read your FAQ but couldn't see this, can you please share which gimp brushes you use?

I use them all!  Well— except for the felt pen and pepper brush haha but Most of the standard brushes in GIMP are all I need.

Another wip, this time of a future print for a giveaway to thank the folks over on dA! There’s 50k of them watching me now and I can’t believe it. I want to show them proper appreciation like I used to: With a high quality image of Annie :) #ctchrysler #AnnieMei #AMP #AnnieMeiProject
Anonymous asked: Are you going to be selling prints at wondercon or comic con? ^__^

Only convention I’ve got for this year is AnimeNEXT in Somerset, NJ!

rashelmiahart asked: Hey CT, Michiko to Hatching sub or dub? Can't decide xD

I would say sub. Yoko Maki has a certain quality to her voice that I really enjoyed for Michiko

systemrider asked: whoa that adult swimmin' track is so fucking dope! great work!!

Thanks! It was a little collab from a while ago and it hasn’t gotten old since


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luna-chu-scribbles asked: Hey there CT! I've been following your art for a bit now and I so love your style and characters. Everything is so great! And I just have a small question for you. Have you ever dealt with people stealing your art? I mean, I ask this because I really want to show my art around tumblr and other sites such as dA. But I am always so hesitant because I fear people taking my art or whatnot. And I thought I'd ask you since you seem like such a chill person and a person who loves their characters.

Yes I’ve dealt with people stealing my art and while keeping your work off the internet is a sure way to prevent that from happening, it also means not sharing your work with the world wide web.  An option to go with is creating a private means of sharing your work with specific people that you could trust.  While that limits the possibility of any set of eyes being able to see your work, there’s very little chance your art can be stolen that way.  Even with uploading your work using a watermark, art thieves go as far as removing them or not even bothering to and claiming it as their own anyway.

As for me, I love sharing my work with as many people that want to see what I’ve done.  I’m on dA, tumblr, *twitter, youtube, facebook and *instagram and I’ve had artwork stolen on these sites as well [*excluded].  The interesting thing is, I would have never known about any of those thefts if someone hadn’t told me.  What I’m getting at is, a majority of the community recognize art theft as unacceptable and when they see it, they do something about it.  I’m able to report stolen art on each of those websites which tend to get resolved without a problem, that is if the user who stole my work doesn’t take it down per my request; although they don’t deserve any respect, I approach them as such and it works out in the end for me.

It’s perfectly ok to be hesitant, but at the same time, just ask yourself whether you really want to upload your art online or not.  If you do, there are ways to lower chances of theft from happening as well as ways to claim art theft online to have stolen works removed.  Not everyone is a thief though and people will more than likely want to show appreciation for your work if they have something to say instead!