Here’s my piece for Kelly Kao's Nudist Beach Zine!!  I thought Michiko Malandro would look pretty sweet in the NB uniform. She’s a lady of many nice outfits afterall haha

If you’re a fan of KLK, think about entering this zine! Kelly could use more submissions so feel free to ask for an extension if you’re interested!

It’d be cool if she were her old 6’3 powerhouse self


The good girl and the bad boy (+ some wips from my twitter)

So I’ve decided to recycle an old character of mine and stuck him in the Annie Mei Project.  I needed a face for the antagonist and that face belongs to Rin :D (he’s around 6’ while Annie is 5’4. Height difference <3 )

EDIT: Added a full colored sketch page

Drawings from this week!

  • Abbey from my virtual band Backwards Bat
  • Emi and me
  • Korra sketch
  • Army Annie for my sister

Built a beat around the vocals of “2 Different Tears”! Vocals are by the Wonder Girls!

I feel like animating fighting scenes would be so much easier if I knew martial arts  **watches Donnie Yen moviesinstead**


Recently finished watching Dennou Coil for the first time and I marveled at the animation, especially all the running! Decided to do a couple of practcie animations.  Gotta study some more!

Top one’s 20 frames, bottom is 6