Studio TRIGGER’s Hiromi Wakabayashi and Shigeto Koyama recieved my #KillLaKill prints at #AnimeNEXT!! The two hour wait to meet them was worth it haha


esus4 asked:

Didn't you have a store on another site? Why the move? Is Storenvy better?


Storenvy is the best way to support me through print purchases (higher profit for me) and its more affordable for you to buy larger prints at a lower price of my artwork!

$15 for 12x18” prints on storenvy VS $21 for 13x18” prints on society6

On storenvy, you pay less and I get a higher profit. It’s a win/win!

I just keep society6 around for the phone cases and such for the people that want those from me!

AnimeNEXT 2014 is next week!  I’ll be at table 83 selling a large selection of prints!  Can’t wait to see everyone’s faces, familiar and new and if you’re not attending ANEXT, no worries!  You can always order prints from my online store at


Some school related sketches of Annie with a Hud for prom that would have a caption along the lines of "Since neither of us got dates we promised we’d just go to prom together." because thats about as canon as those two will get .__.

Some sketch studies from a little bit ago. All referenced

Spent a little time today in #FLStudio #ctchrysler

Revisited the idea of in this random sketchy thing.

"Are you drunk off of juice?"