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luna-chu-scribbles asked: Hey there CT! I've been following your art for a bit now and I so love your style and characters. Everything is so great! And I just have a small question for you. Have you ever dealt with people stealing your art? I mean, I ask this because I really want to show my art around tumblr and other sites such as dA. But I am always so hesitant because I fear people taking my art or whatnot. And I thought I'd ask you since you seem like such a chill person and a person who loves their characters.

Yes I’ve dealt with people stealing my art and while keeping your work off the internet is a sure way to prevent that from happening, it also means not sharing your work with the world wide web.  An option to go with is creating a private means of sharing your work with specific people that you could trust.  While that limits the possibility of any set of eyes being able to see your work, there’s very little chance your art can be stolen that way.  Even with uploading your work using a watermark, art thieves go as far as removing them or not even bothering to and claiming it as their own anyway.

As for me, I love sharing my work with as many people that want to see what I’ve done.  I’m on dA, tumblr, *twitter, youtube, facebook and *instagram and I’ve had artwork stolen on these sites as well [*excluded].  The interesting thing is, I would have never known about any of those thefts if someone hadn’t told me.  What I’m getting at is, a majority of the community recognize art theft as unacceptable and when they see it, they do something about it.  I’m able to report stolen art on each of those websites which tend to get resolved without a problem, that is if the user who stole my work doesn’t take it down per my request; although they don’t deserve any respect, I approach them as such and it works out in the end for me.

It’s perfectly ok to be hesitant, but at the same time, just ask yourself whether you really want to upload your art online or not.  If you do, there are ways to lower chances of theft from happening as well as ways to claim art theft online to have stolen works removed.  Not everyone is a thief though and people will more than likely want to show appreciation for your work if they have something to say instead!


Annie Mei wearing Junketsu as per suggestion on twitter!
Drew a little something for one of my favorite artists, nargyle! It’s her character, Enna and she’s brought a little Thunder :J
sleepisart asked: what are you doing for living?

I’m trying to sell art prints and original music for a living— I can’t believe the support I’ve gotten from those who’ve already bought my work. Times are currently really tough for me and you’re helping me get through it so I thank you all! 


Annie Mei Project by dCTb
I wanted to do something bright, fun and colorful! What better way to go about that than a pink haired girl and blue skies? This image makes me really want to put together an artbook for the Annie Mei Project with finalized character designs and concept sketches…who would be interested in that?
Anonymous asked: Why did you name Hana, Hana?

Try to stick with me here: I have a character named Michiko Toyoda who would be Hana’s mother.  Michiko Toyoda was named after Michiko Malandro, from Michiko to Hatchin, who has a daughter named Hana.  Hana is named after Hana because she’s Michiko’s daughter who was named after Michiko. PARALLELS


Annie’s hair does the rainbow—
So I was really curious what other hair colors would look like on my character, Annie because I feel like her pink hair REALLY defines her. After looking up color psychology for PINK, I can highlight A LOT of traits that are associated with Annie which would make solidifying her character a bit easier on me!
Regardless, that red/blonde ombré and brown hair are making me feel things haha

Hey you guys, Thanks for 17k followers!  I’m real glad you like what you see on my blog haha Here’s a golden Hana [with the ice queen’s braid] for those who miss her.  It’s totally freehand and random and I decided to draw her after thinking maybe Scarlett Johansson might be my voice pick for Hana.

EDIT: went back into the pic to change some things and I like it a bit better now.  Also idk how people think this is Elsa when Hana’s name is written right on the drawing haha I see yo tags!

Trying to get some consistency in Annie’s friend!
© CT



Help Me Get Back On RAT RAGE with Patreon! 
Hey all! By now, I’m sure you folks have heard of Patreon, a site where creators can continue to share their work and for fans to continue to support them! 
Well, personally, I’ve been checking this site out for quite some time now and I’ve been doing some critical thinking involving my project Rat Rage. Since I’ve started working on Cryamore, I haven’t had much time for any other project. And a lot of people have been (as a result of the popularity of all my Rat Rage redesign fanart and further RR-related posts) asking me “when am I getting back on Rat Rage!?”, since I was originally working on a comic/graphic novel before then. At first, I thought we’d be near done on Cryamore at this point, but it’s really a huge game in the making. Much more larger than we thought. And I was going to have a Kickstarter for Rat Rage eventually after we’re done with the game. 
So Patreon has become a thing amidst this, and it actually opened up things for me from a creator standpoint. I really want to do more with my own properties beyond Cryamore, but I’m subjugated by holding out on not showing stuff (which is mainly Cryamore stuff, a lot of it is still top-secret). And I do want to continue working on Rat Rage in my spare time, but I just can’t as that time has to go towards freelance work and commission work to keep the bread on the table. 
So that’s where Patreon comes in! If I reach my first goal, I can actually get back to working on Rat Rage, but in webcomic form! I can do a page a week (or 2 pgs a week at times, depending on my schedule) all while working on my main project, Cryamore. With that said, I’m taking a different approach with Rat Rage. It’ll no longer be me slaving on pages for an ultimate release in an original graphic novel format like I originally planned, but as a webcomic, which can then be compiled into a volume or two. This also means that only the folks who support the webcomic will have exclusivity; only they will be able to read the comic in its entirety before anyone else does. And all I’m asking for in return is $1 to join in the fun. And if you want some more good stuff, $5 to see high-resolution versions of the sketchy layout, inks, and colors without the dialogue, and extra thingies like concept art and such. It’s sort of a no-brainer. 
I can’t do this for free. It’s just not happening with today’s economy. But I really would like to get back to RR so bad, and I’ve felt my work/content has become stale since I don’t have much to show besides random fanart and commissions.
So you can check out my Patreon page to go pitch in and help me finally make this another thing!
Thanks so much! And Reblog and share around!

Late night reblog!

…signal boost for Rat Rage? ; v ;
In other news, it’s actually going pretty good! :D 38 Patrons so far! 
Rock With Mei by dCTb
Anonymous asked: Can I ask what size canvas do you usually work on for your prints?

3000x4500p at 300dpi

harristhedungeonmaster asked: Have you ever had a booth at Otakon? If not have you ever considered it?

I actually registered for a table for this year but I was not lucky in the lottery system haha

pookiepayntz asked: i know this is really random and has nothing to do with anything but do you still have that gif of superman kicking that guy out of frame? Actually idek if it was superman but it was hilarious

 it’s from a freddiew video titled Balls of Steel I think