Hey, I'm CT and this is my tumblr for original art, music and everything else! If you ever want to message me about anything, feel free to drop me an ask and if you have any questions, check my FAQ before asking!
Anonymous asked: How do you deal with rude people or friends?

With respect because even if the golden/silver rule doesn’t apply to them, it still applies to me.

That doesn’t mean I keep a cool head all the time; when I don’t, I rant towards the general notion of inconsiderate remarks rather than attacking the instigator head on, in hopes that they become more aware of the offense that may be lurking among their words intentionally or not.

spacebartender asked: Are you going to Wondercon this year? Or any other cons? And also, any plans on making phone cases other than iPhone? I want Korrandroid :O

I’ll be making an effort to be at AnimeNEXT this year in the Artist Alley for my second time now!

As for phone cases, I don’t choose what S6 has available and apparently they only have mostly Apple products

Anonymous asked: Have you ever thought about doing commissions? O>O

I’ve done them before but stopped because the work depressed me.  I’ll only start up doing commissions again if I desperately need the funds.

tuskart asked: Ay yo :u I was checking the youtube channel GalaxyMusic and they use a lot of your artworks (credited though). Normally I wouldn't bother but when I say a lot, it's a lot XD so I was wondering if 1) you were aware of that and 2) if not if you're cool with that? for some (like your TAB artwork) I thought it wasn't really ok since you use it for your music cover. Anyway sorry to bother xD (also talking about YT channels, did you ever submit your songs to one? :0 ) Toodles :u

Ah I know that channel— I let it slide since my work is credited without fail but use of the TAB artwork can’t fly especially since it’s being used to promote music other than the bands original tracks.  Thanks for posting that out to me!

I have my tracks uploaded on YouTube here

Lose Our Minds Together by dCTb

Recently experienced the amazing story of The Last of Us and tried to do some fanart of the DLC, Left Behind.  I don’t really like how this pic ended up but I really wanted to do something different and I’m just glad I finished it!

The Last of Us © Naughty Dog
All work done in GIMP
Anonymous asked: Hello CT, thank you for sharing your art here on tumblr, always makes me happy to see whenever you've posted something new. I have a problem, and I was just wondering if you have any advice e.t.c. Recently my best friend commited suicide and since then I've been unable to draw/write properly. Sure, grief is part of it but it kills me that I am unable to put out any of the ideas i have on paper/screen. I dunno. I might be getting desperate. Nothing feels natrual. Sorry if this was stupid.

No—not stupid.  While I don’t feel I have the right words to say, maybe Neil Gaimen does in this video

mylostfish asked: You may get it asked a lot, but I was wondering what was your inspiration behind Annie Mei and the world of ASGAM?

Annie was initially created randomly and on the spot which is how I’m approaching a lot of ideas for the Annie Mei Project!  Everything revolves around my level of creativity


I see people are still wondering what this stuff I’m working on is about— All I can say is, it’s in the works and everything is still currently making sense to me as my brain pieces random things and ideas together.  It currently isn’t a webcomic/manga/anime; it’s in it’s concept phase titled AWESOME SCHOOLGIRL ANNIE MEI [ASGAM] © CT that I hope to fully realize into an actual story titled the Annie Mei Project [AMP] © CT.  A lot of things may change by the time it’s ready for production so if you’re confused, I hope that clears things up even a little bit for you haha  Feel free to ask questions and if I can answer them, I’ll do so to the best of my ability!
Anonymous asked: I would just die of happiness if you ever do a picture of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline <3

Oh wow I should actually do some sort of Adventure Time fanart…

dukeofriven asked: What about Jennifer Hale?

Based on all these suggestions, Laura Bailey has honestly been the closest!

majohnson91 asked: How do you make your living? And will you character Annie and her story come to fruition?

I actually currently make a tiny living off of print sales at the moment [which is why I keep pushing those promos haha].  It’s tough but I have fantastic support from people who appreciate my work!

It is currently my dream to fully realize my characters in a story so I sure hope one day, the Annie Mei Project will be a reality!