Anyone who remembers that contest I mentioned a month ago? Well, it’s finally here!

Get a chance to win my old prints and bookmarks by entering my contest!
These 38 prints go back as much as 4 years, they’re worth about 260$, and most of them won’t be reprinted ever again, so this is the last chance to get them FOR FREE! (if you don’t count your own hard-work of course) 

The contest is going to be like the last contest I held!

I have 5 main OC’s, and their character sheets can be found here. Your job is to draw whoever you want to, as many as you want to, in whichever way you want to draw them.
The theme could be space cowboys, gangsters, Star Trek, the 60’s, you name it! Just keep the characters in-character as much as you can, but play around with the universe and setting all you want to!


· All art forms are allowed! (Art digital/traditional, sculpting, cosplay, fanfiction etc) 

· nsfw, pornography and anything that goes in this category, is not allowed. Tasteful nudity is! 

· To enter the contest, submit your piece to this blog, with a link to the full resolution as well, and I will publish it! If you don’t want your art published, just tell me and I’ll keep the submission hidden! 

There will be 3 prices!

1st prize. 19 prints (one of each)
2nd prize. 12 prints (one of what is left)
3rd prize. 6 prints (what remains)

1 RANDOM PRIZE: There will be 1 print left which can’t be given to the winners, as it would be a duplicate of what they already got, so this single print will be given out to a random person and chosen by a randomizer! 


Julialost and I will be the judges of this contest, but Julia will the one having the final say in who wins as she will be the most objective, considering it’s my oc’s.

The art will be judged mostly on creativity and how you capture these characters, and less on actual craft and skill! 

Deadline is 30th of July and judging will take place in august!

My friend, Emi, is having another contest!  I won’t be judging this time around but you should still enter!

Shingeki No Chibi sketches #ctchrysler #AttackOnTitan


Anonymous asked:

What exactly is ASGAM??


AWESOME SCHOOLGIRL ANNIE MEI (ASGAM) was the earliest conceptual phase to the Annie Mei Project (AMP), a not-so-serious-but-serious-to-me project I’d like to put out on the web someday.  All the ideas were based around these five random drawing ideas of Annie.  It wasn’t until all the ideas started taking shape that I graduated from that to a more concrete phase in developing AMP.


Anonymous asked:

Never got round to watching lok. Do you think it's too late to start?


What? Nooo start it up whenever you want!


theenewone asked:

What do you think about the Legend of Korra: Book 3 trailer?



At AnimeNEXT, nargyle totally surprised me with a sketch of my oc R.ei! I’ve wanted to color her since the weekend! Her line work is so boss!!

Annie Mei drawing inspired by those ulzzang posts I see a lot of on tumblr!

I consider this Annie to be more along the lines of her classic self, unrelated to AMP, when I would just draw her whichever way I wanted haha

Studio TRIGGER’s Hiromi Wakabayashi and Shigeto Koyama recieved my #KillLaKill prints at #AnimeNEXT!! The two hour wait to meet them was worth it haha