So I’m launching an IndieGoGo Campaign for my upcoming 200-pg. sketchbook, Skabrous Skratchwork Vol. 1!

You can find all the details there! Please share around and preorder yourself a copy if you want one, woop~!

Thanks so much for looking!

200 pages of pro inspiration for $30— You bet I secured a copy for myself! And I’d get one now if I were you~!

If you aren’t aware of the fresh design of Batgirl, you should totally check it out!  Babsdraws and Cameron Stewart are apart of the creative team so that can only mean good things!  There’s a blog with a collection of awesome Batgirl fan art from artists showing their support and love of the redesign as well so check that out too

This wasnt even supposed to be an Adventure Time drawing but it sort of just happened


chiefestandgreatestofcalamitiz asked:

Hi there ! I really love your work I've been foloowing you for a while now! Did you ever consider doind some Galaxy S and other cases beside Iphone ?


I don’t choose what models are available but I’m certain the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4 are listed in the model dropdown menu!

society6 promo


A bit more pleased with this result but I still want to work on a simpler approach to coloring!


Kinda messed up with the coloring— I’ll practice environmental settings more and stuff!  


Some Annie sketches from late last night!  Gotta get used to drawing that suit and in a 16:9 format

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Ive been studying sports anime fanart and managed to come up with this boy who’s actually a few recycled ocs into one. #ctchrysler #GIMP

Bonus Burning Mei with a Burning Man inspired Hana