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Anonymous asked: Jeez CT. You are definitely my biggest inspiration. I just wanted to randomly stop by and you know, say that because sweet christ i love your art so much. Your artstyle is phenomenal and you make each character look different. I love their expressions and how each picture can so show much personality. I love logging on and looking forwards to any art you might post that day. I'm serious. I love your stuff man. Keep posting amazing stuff!

Ugghhh so many nice words

Anonymous asked: I really like the idea of Tsuna Mei being the mentor for Annie Mei. Their relationship could develop to be super dynamic and fun.

I’m all about super dynamic and fun relationships

kasiranelease asked: Tsuna Mei?!That liitle thing?I could see a funny episode where Annie wouldn't expect to be trained by her but then get laid out on the ground by Tsuna Mei haha

Yea! haha think of her as the Levi of the Annie Mei Project ;y I did design her well before I knew of SnK but Levi is perfect character influence for Tsuna.

kasiranelease asked: R.ei looks like she could be Annie's mentor or something.

ooo Quite the opposite actually.  If you know Tsuna Mei, I plan for her to be a reluctant mentor towards Annie. R.ei is more along the lines of a social lone wolf…if that makes sense haha

soophf asked: Hey CT! Do you know about London Grammar? I just thought the singer really looked like Hana, but only when her hair is down and brushed to one side...

Yea! Someone pointed her out to me before for Hana too haha but I actually saved images of her as refs for my other character, Michiko!

Anonymous asked: What Gimp brush do you use for your initial sketches?

Anonymous asked: That shouldnt even count as a cosplay,she has no clothes on.Might as well have drawn her naked.

I don’t know what else I would call ‘dressing up as a character from an anime’ though.  Don’t know what to say if the nudity bothers you…I wouldn’t recommend watching Kill la Kill, I know that much haha

Anonymous asked: Nudisto beachu !!!


Continuing the idea that Annie loves to cosplay!  Here, she’s wearing the Nudist Beach uniform from Kill la Kill because everyone looks amazing in it haha if you KLK fans have your own characters, you should totally do this too—
Annie Mei © CT

Once again, Annie crosses over into another anime I’m really into!

It’s 2014.  Time to get serious :I
Drawing to Chatmonchy

relevant throwback haha
gangstapope asked: No! Please don't bench Hanna lol and also Noemie is a favorite too... just sayin hint hint, Also, your style is my favorite, I love your art!

It can’t be helped haha Believe it or not, there was a time I drew a lot of Korra too ;y

m-arregui asked: What did happen with Hana? :(

I benched her lol 2013 was her year I suppose but I told myself that 2014 is the year of the Annie Mei Project!