CT’s Influence Map

There weren’t enough boxes for everything but you’ll get the gist of what influences my art now with this Influence Map!

adonihs │ he’s one of my earliest inspirations when I joined dA. My previous portrait style is really influenced by him.

Japan │ this where a bundle of influences come from. Almost everything Japanese has been so influential to my art; their anime’s, music, fashion, cities, etc. have an underlying impact on my work.

BECK:Mongolian Chop Squad │ one of my favorite anime series. It’s the main reason why TΛB exists.

the pillows │ my favorite band. Their music and style has a major influence on TΛB's music.

TRON:LEGACY │ everything about this movie is right up my alley. Bodysuits that light up, futuristic settings, amazing visuals and, of course, Daft Punk’s soundtrack; all these things are super influential.

Explosions in the Sky │ another favorite band of mine. Their songs are moving and inspirational without the use of words and that’s the kind of music I want to TΛB to put out.

Shunya Yamashita │ my biggest influence came from this guy. I love to draw beautiful and young females and Shunya Yamashita is notable for that. If you asked me who do I want to draw like, I’d immediately give you this guy as my answer.

clouds │ clouds are amazing. I can look at them and instantly be filled with inspiration. Sometimes, when the sun is setting, the clouds look like they’re just painted onto the sky. And the sky, to me, is like the greatest canvas in nature.

White Sands, New Mexico │ one of my favorite backgrounds to draw are distant mountains and a lot of flat land with wide skies that just give a grand display and huge depth. White Sands, NM is exactly that.

bokeh │ unfocused lights. Distant cities. Blurred backgrounds. It’s a great way to show depth of field. And in a widescreen shot with a subject up front, it gives off a great photograph feel which I love.

models/actors │ when it comes to the characters that I design, I mainly derive them from models or actors and actresses and the characters they portray. Looking at so many pictures of models has given me like a mental bank of resource material.

Legend of Korra │ probably the most recent influence on my art came from this show’s style. It just came so naturally to me. I especially enjoy Korra and Asami because girls who kick butt have pretty much been what I’m all about. Gotta love strong female characters!